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Mona Simpson_CasebookFrom the award-winning author of My Hollywood comes a new novel about a boy’s quest to uncover the mysteries of his unraveling family. What will he discover?

Miles Adler-Hart is a young boy, he starts eavesdropping to his parents to find out where his life is going. As a shock he learns that his parents are separating. This makes the investigations deepen. He seeks help from his best friend Hector, and together they search his mothers dresser drawers, bug her telephone and strip-mine her phone. All clues lead to her bedroom and a stranger from Washington D.C.

They have now too much powerful information and the boys struggle with how to deal with all this.

Casebook shows an American family that are both falling apart, and at the same time reconstituting itself to sustain its members through their ultimate trial.

A new stunning book from Mona Simpson with the Boy Hero Miles Adler-Hart and a story you’ll remember even after the last page.


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