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Designer: Eva Soto Conde

Background: Born in Cambados (Pontevedra) in 1984.
She first studied Fine Arts and then “Galician Higher Education Studies in Textile Design and Fashion” (ESDEMGA).
In 2009, she has done work experience in the design team of the company “JESUS PEIRÓ”.
She showed her graduate collection in “DEBUT 09”.
Then she studied a Master of Teaching in Fine Arts University in Pontevedra.
She gave a workshop called “Origami applied to fashion” in the program of “Debut 2011” (ESDEMGA).
In 2010, she presented her collection in the show “Almacén de ideas” in Pasarela Abierta Murcia.
She won the 1st Prize for the best accessory and best swimsuit in “National Show of Young Designers” in Cantabria.   In the same year, she also won the 1st Prize of jewelry design in “Xuventude Crea”.
In 2011, she won the 1st Prize of International paper dresses Contest, the 1st Prize of Young Fashion designers Bride Dress Contest (organized by FIMO) and the 1st Prize of National paper dresses Contest in Mollerusa.
In 2012, she showed her Spring/Summer Collection 2013 in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

EVA SOTO CONDE Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

EVA SOTO CONDE summer spring 2015

Collection: My collection is inspired by the brain, memory, cerebral cortex and mental processes. The items shown itself as the figures come together to form a pattern and gradually built an entire garment, as in the brain with memories.
The clothes can be seen reflected my childhood memories, represented by the art of Pop Up

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