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When referring to or talking about four wheel drive vehicles, they can be referred to in a number of ways. These include 4 x4, 4wd, four wheel drive and AWD (all wheel drive). These terms can all be used to talk about a four wheel drive vehicle, which permits all four wheels to obtain power from the engine at the same time. Many associate this kind of vehicle selection with off roading. While this is a primary use of the vehicle, it can also be used for other purposes due to the amount of options available.
When one purchase

s a vehicle with four wheel drive capabilities, there are different options. For instance, one of these is what is known as a part time 4 wheel drive. This kind of vehicle allows the four wheel drive to be manually switched into when needed. For instance, it may be needed at times when the conditions offer low traction. This may be due to ice, mud, sand or loose gravel. It may also be used during situations of rain. This kind of four wheel drive vehicle is best for people who really will not be using the four wheel drive regularly.

Vehicles that have full-time four wheel drive systems allow drivers to choose between various settings. However, the four wheel drive can remain engaged even when driving on dry pavement. These vehicles often have high and low settings.
Another option would be all wheel drive, which is essentially the same as a full-time four wheel drive due to the fact that the system is sending power to the wheels with the greater amount of traction. All wheel drive vehicles essentially operate in four wheel drive mode.


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