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Designer: Takafumi Tsuruta

Background: 1981:Born in Chiba.

2003: Graduated from Bunka Fashion College.

Then he joined Co. Hirokokoshino.

Engage in business license and Fashion show staff studied under designer Hiroko Koshino.

Then, worked in children’s clothing ODM company as a designer.

2011: He became instructor of Futaba Fashion Academy.

He worked on wide range of activities while costume design and musicians costume design,and showroom design of JVC Kenwood Corporation design in 2012 and he started haha in 2013.

Established in 2013. Call it “haha”. I’ll give the first cry born in this world. Ha ha means “mother”and “laughter” and “good fortune”. The feel on the happiness from the name, it will spread to the world.

The name that such a wish is put.

haha Takafumi Tsuruta Summer Spring 2015 Tokyo

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