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kisuku‘Kasuku’ is the Swahili word for an African grey parrot. To me it translates as “Wow!”. Le Kasuku served me one of the best meals I have ever enjoyed in Africa. They are simply the best Restaurant in Bujumbura. The food is exceptional, the décor is fascinating and the service is second to absolutely no one.

At the end of a very bad day I walked into their tranquil garden and immediately sensed this was going to be a fantastic dinning experience. I was met by one of the waiters who invited me to select my own table and a cold Primus beer appeared immediately. Looking over the menu I could not believe the mouth-watering descriptions. Meats, fish, pasta, pizza. It all sounded good. I could hear a happy buzz from the nearby kitchen and had a good look around the garden and restaurant. There were vintage wines with suitable dust on the bottles (pictured), wooden masks, colourful art work, a jungle bar, some interesting maps and a couple of cats lurking at a respectable distance in the shadows.

I really could not decide and the waiter suggested a steak that mentioned something about ‘self-selected cuts of meat’. OK – I will try it. My order was placed and the kitchen clanged into action. Then the lights went out. No problem. A candle appeared on my table from the dark and then the generator began to hum.

A little while later a wooden tray with a charcoal burner at the end was produced and the waiter duly set fire to it. Then 2 juicy beef filets arrived along with an amazing salad & sauce holder. In fact the holder (pictured) held so many sauces and salads that it was placed on its own separate stool! I placed the meat on its little rotisserie and began to cook!

What I ended up with was juicy steak cooked to absolute perfection accompanied by several delicious sauces and 3 types of marinated salads. I ate every single bite with great relish.

During my enjoyable visit there was a waiter always within a 5 meters waiting to see if I wanted anything. Beers arrived instantly. I only wished I did not have an early start the next day or I would have definitely sampled the wine list.

If you only spend one night in Bujumbura – make sure you dine at Le Kasuku.

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