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Life Hack, the coolest equation of mathematics for life.

Lets Talk about some serious issues in life. There are moments in life when you want to know who on earth will be there for you at tough times. Some say family some say friends some say old forgotten friends.

Well now a days everything is about facts and science. Here is a mathematical equation i found to solve this issue.

[ { (x * 3) + 3} * 3] = y ==> “y = ab” ===> “a+b = your dream answer of resolution”

where ab = 2 digits or final result. For example if y = 12 then a = 1 and b =2. So final answer is  1+2 = 3

Now go ahead and chose any digit from 1 to 9. Really it can be any from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Simply you chose a number then multiply it with 3. What ever the result comes add 3 in it. After multiply the result with 3 again. At the end add both digits of result to obtain final answer.

Your selected digit will be equal to value “x” . Calculate as above equation and use the final answer to pick the right person from the list bellow.

  1. Dear Mother
  2.  One of your best teacher
  3. Love
  4. Any one on the road.
  5. Neighbor
  6. Dear Father
  7. Brother
  8. Sister
  9. Wife/Husband

If you are not married yet then i guess you have to do it haha.

Type Your Selected Digit and Click Submit:


Hope this equation will help you solve the worst issue of your life 😀 😛 do share with friends to solve there issues too. and write your comment if you feel like it… enjoy

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