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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

kicks off its 64th edition at IFEMA, with the collaboration of 42 renowned creators and brands.
Starting with a big family photo of all the participating designers, the great showcase of Spanish fashion fired the starting pistol today for this edition At 11:30 a.m. in the Bertha Brenz, from all 14.1 of the IFEMA-Feria de Madrid.


Spain’s major fashion event organised by IFEMA will be taking place from 15 to 20 September. The fashion parades will be held from 16 to 20 September in Hall 14.1 of Feria de Madrid, and the Desigual firm will be holding a Re-see of its Spring-Summer 2017 collections in a surprising and innovative new location in Madrid.


The show will gather together designs by 41 of Europe’s top creators, as well as those of an international designer from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days in Kiev.

Adding to the long list of designers and labels who took part in previous editions will be Leandro Cano, who is back after other editions, and Malne, a Spanish brand who will be attending for the first time, bringing elegant, unique and exquisite clothing.


As usual, the last day of the programme of catwalk shows will be devoted to the 11 emerging design labels of Samsung EGO. Plus, fifteen young creators will be presenting their proposals at the Samsung Ego Showroom in Cibelespacio, where they will be on sale to the public throughout the entire event.
In terms of sponsorship, the fashion show will once again receive strong support from leading brands in their respective sectors. In total, 18 brands will be sponsoring the event. Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal Paris and INDITEX are once again the main sponsors.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, the great benchmark for Spanish design in the world, is organised by IFEMA. It will be holding its 64th edition starting today and until 20 September at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid.. The event will involve 42 creators and exhibiting brands, and will yet again prove that Spanish fashion is experiencing a hugely creative surge. Plus, fifteen young creators will be exhibiting their proposals at the Samsung Ego Showroom in Cibelespacio.


The MBFWM fashion parades will happen from 16 to 20 September in Feria de Madrid hall 14.1, while today, 15 September, the firm Desigual will be holding a Re-see of its SpringSummer 2017 collections for men, women and children at the Reader’s House in Matadero Madrid with an innovative and surprising new format.


In an original pageant that will combine two spheres, the analogue and the digital, visitors can discover the collection and live the dream that the firm’s designers had during their creative process thanks to an astonishing virtual reality experience. This is trip replete with surprises in which technology and artisanry will be the engines that take us to the skies.

Adding to the long list of designers and labels who took part in previous editions of MBFWM will be Leandro Cano, who is back after other editions, and Malne, who will be attending for the first time. Malne is a new Spanish brand that produces elegant, unique and exquisite clothing thanks to the talent of Juanjo Mánez and Paloma Alvarez, two great professionals with a long career in the fashion world.


Their Spring-Summer 2017 collection was born from a very creative concept inspired by nature and animals to develop contemporary lines featuring shoulder pads, cape cuts, bolero jackets, rich hand-painted fabrics, exclusive embroidery enhanced by glass, metal and paillette, and fabulous details. And all of their items follow the latest in 21st century silhouettes, while sticking to the concept of an urban and modern woman.


Their entry in the programme of catwalk shows at this year’s edition confirms MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID’s leadership as one of the great events in the international fashion and design universe, and is a further sign of the unfailing and decisive support that this show has offered the Spanish fashion industry as a whole for over thirty years, by continually backing and welcoming the most important national designers into its programme.
Over recent years, MBFWM has gradually broadened its list to include key names on today’s Spanish design scene, such as Alvarno, Felipe Varela, Jorge Vazquez, The 2nd Skin, Juan Vidal, Leandro Cano, Ulises Mérida, María Ke Fisherman, Moisés Nieto, ManéMané and more! These names have received a whole string of awards to acknowledge their work, and their designs have succeeded in winning over a number of celebrities from the international world of film and music.


Furthermore, this year MBFWM has signed an agreement with VOGUE magazine, the driver of the Who’s on Next award, which means this year’s winner will be invited to take part in the show. More than 300 designers on show Since it took its first steps in February 1985, MBFWM has hosted the catwalk shows of over 300 Spanish creators. Many of them began their careers while the event was still in its early days, and are now major names on the Spanish fashion scene. Other younger designers have become involved over the years, bringing their talent and new perspectives on fashion design with them thanks to their creative discourses.


Desigual opens the activity programme Today the firm Desigual is beginning this edition’s activities programme with a fresh new event that will take place on a new stage in Madrid, although it will be the Andrés Sardá parade that will open the catwalks in this 64th edition of

MBFWM with the presentation of his Spring-Summer 2017 collection on Friday, 16 September at 11:00 a.m. in the Mercedes-Benz room of hall 14.1 at Feria de Madrid.


The designers belonging to the Spanish Association of Fashion Creators (ACME, for its Spanish initials) will hold their catwalk shows on Friday 16th and Sunday 18th September, together with one show on Monday 19th by Jorge Vázquez. Monday will conclude with the catwalk shows from non-ACME creators Felipe Varela, Alvarno, The 2nd Skin Leandro Cano and Esther Noriega. The show by Malne will bring to a close the presentations displaying collections by this edition’s official creators.

MBFWM will also have an off-programme that will include, among other things, the presentation of Miguel Marinero’s new textile collection, a performance by Jose Matteos and a fashion parade by María Lafuente in various Madrid locations.


Emerging talent on the last day of the catwalk shows Modernity, contemporary elegance and a generous dose of creativity are once again the stars of the collections on show at the MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID, this time for the Spring-Summer 2017 season. As usual, the last day of the programme of catwalk shows will be devoted to emerging designers at Samsung EGO, the event’s creative engine, which is an essential tool to keep Spanish fashion updated thanks to its ten-year history as an established link between young talents and the fashion industry, the media and textile companies. There are 9 young Spanish creators taking part in this edition 3 of whom already participated in the latest editions, and 6 of whom are new, as well as one international designer from the Ukraine, Anna K, who emerged from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days in Kiev, within the framework of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent award. Moreover, Abrahamsson will be present as the winner of the 6th edition of the Samsung Ego Innovation Project awards.


Madrid, one of the great international fashion capitals. With the 64th edition of the show, the city of Madrid will yet again become one of the great capitals of the universe of fashion and international design, and the show will be open to the whole city, as in previous years. This time around the fashion parades will be rebroadcast on big screens in the gastronomic entertainment multispace Platea Madrid at Plaza de Colón. Plus, on City Hall’s initiative, another screen has been set up on the corner of Plaza de Margaret Thatcher and Paseo de la Castellana from which you can follow the fashion shows and the interviews at Feria de Madrid live.


For its part, the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain (ACME) has launched the third edition of the Madrid es Moda action, with which it aims to help transform the centre of the capital into a grand exhibition of creativity and design during the celebration of MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID. Madrid es Moda is hosting all kinds of initiatives on this occasion, involving a total of 80 participants, among which are fashion houses, , museums, book stores, hotels and restaurants…


Furthermore, the Community of Madrid has organised a retrospective exhibition dedicated to Jesús del Pozo in the Canal de Isabel II room, which you will be able to visit from 13 September to 23 October of this year. The showcase is made up of 50 pieces, most of which are from the Fundación Jesús del Pozo, which has helped to make this great exhibition a reality.


Outstanding talent awards As well as offering the best overview of Spanish fashion throughout the seasons, MBFWM is also the setting for various award ceremonies. So once more it will be hosting the awards sponsored by L’Oréal Paris for the best collection from an acclaimed designer as well as for the best model in each edition’s parades. Last February, the best established designer award went to Jorge Vázquez, with Paula Willems as the best model. The Samsung Ego day will also host a number of important awards. The best young designer will be awarded the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent prize, . Last February this award went to Ela Fidalgo. Furthermore, the fashion parade by the winner of the Samsung Ego Innovation Project award, which will be done by Abrahamsson.
Sponsorship and use of new technology The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid is a key event in the fashion and creative world, and each edition is therefore a constant focus for major brands wishing to be associated with fashion and new trends.


The forthcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid will therefore once again receive the all-important support of its sponsor brands. In total, 18 brands will be sponsoring the event. Mercedes-Benz, L’Orèal and Inditex are the main sponsors, with Samsung, Solán de Cabras, Movistar and Bombay Sapphire as ordinary sponsors, and Schweppes, Kaiku Caffé Latte, Rowenta and Veggies de Zumosol as collaborators.


In addition, Moroccan Tourism will be taking part in this edition in the collaborator category as an Exclusive Destination of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, presenting the destination’s main attractions, its splendid natural wonders and its extraordinary beaches and landscapes, the warmth of its climate and the hospitality of its people and its fascinating cultural, historical and traditional heritage.


The prestigious shoe brand, Magrit, will also be collaborating in this edition of the show. This firm is the exclusive distributor of the shoes that the attendants will be wearing, and the channel Fashion TV is the show’s official international television channel. Adding to the list are other brands such as Lord Wilmore, Elephant&Castle and Hugo Boss, as well as the IED design school, who will also be backing the next edition of the platform.


New technologies will yet again be a key element at MBFWM, both for streaming the catwalk shows live on the website, and for recording them using state-of-the-art 4K technology. A close eye should be kept on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, where creators and participating brands are encouraged to interact, along with their sponsors. In this sense, Twitter will intensify the dissemination of the fashion show and the show will increase its presence in this social network through attractive new additions that will help publicise the MBFWM name and the names of its participating designers both within and beyond our borders.


More than 55,000 visitors in February 2016 The 63rd edition of MBFWM, which was held in February 2016, concluded with a very satisfactory outcome, both in terms of turnout – with a total of 55,033 visitors, 9% more than in September of last year – and the high standard of design and creativity seen in the exhibited collections.

It was also followed by 1,159 journalists, roughly 100 of which came from outside Spain: Mexico, USA, UK, Italy, France, China, Portugal, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Turkey, Holland, Russia and Bulgaria.

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