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This delicious and simple dish is perfect by itself or eaten together with fresh fruit and cream. 

meringue kisses


4 egg whites – room temperature

220 g sugar

A pinch of salt

Making meringue can be a bit tricky, but most important to remember is that moisture is their biggest enemy. So make sure that the tools you’re using are completely dry and that the weather is not rainy or humid.


Food colours to give them all a different colour

Food essence to give them all a different taste

Finely chopped chocolate or nuts

How to do

Beat the egg and salt until they form soft peaks.

It is best to use an electrical whisk as much whisking is needed.

Add the sugar, one spoonful at a time.

Make sure it is all well mixed, but be careful not to overdo the whisking.

Use teaspoon to place them on the baking tray, size can vary from a mouthful to the whole tray.

All depending on what you desire.

Let them bake in the oven on 100 c for 1 1/2 hour.

Let them cool in the oven.

Then arrange as you want and ENJOY!

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