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patrice nganang mont plaisantA new awakening novel from one of the African writers that are now a part of the new changing African literature, Patrice Nganang. The novel is set in Cameroun, Africa at the beginning of 1900, spanning over 30 years into the new century, though the first official stories of the country don’t star before 1945 when Cameroun came under the protection of the United Nations. Finally in 1961 the independence came to Cameroun.

In 1931 the young Sara is separated from her mother and given to Sultan Njoya, and she is set up at Mont Plaisant together with 631 other women. Mont Plaisant is where the Sultan has been exiled by the French.

70 years later the student Bertha comes from USA and back to her home country, it is to Bertha that Sara will tell her story from Mont Plaisant.

Mont Plaisant is an ambitious novel about colonisation, love, power, the bamoum civilisation, war and more.

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