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I was looking into buying the 2006 Toyota Premion. I did all my research and I was ready. I have visited dealerships before but was not ready to buy. However, I was never offered anything to make me buy. I decided to go to Bell Motors Kenya because a co worker bought her Toyota Allion there and I also read a few reviews about the dealership.
I went with my wife and within seconds of entering, I was assigned to a gentleman. Zaheer Khan was my our guy and he was great. He had me test the Toyota Premio with Navigation within 5 minutes. Mr. Khan knew the vehicle inside and out and answered all my questions. We sat down and I told him that I was interested in buying but I was not trying to make a decision that day. This was the first dealership I visited and I wanted to visit a few more dealerships before making the decision. I did mention my TRUE CAR certificate and vehicle prices were given to me. No pressure. The guy took over, talked and sweetened the deal. No pressure and the conversations were pleasant.

I was expecting to get a headache from the sales pitch and negotiations(I have had some annoying experiences in past) but was pleasantly surprised on how smooth it was going.
My wife and I decided to leave to take a breather and think about a decision. It is a big purchase. We came back 2 hours later and made the decision to buy.

The vehicle was ready at dealership, so we had to manage the finance.
I dealt with there other office for finance. I did get the discount from the promotion.

Khan, Mr. Riaz and Omar were all great and very pleasant to work with. The whole experience made me want to buy a few more cars(I wish I had more money). The total time at dealership was around 2 hours. That is 2 hours for 2 days. Quick and painless.
Don’t waste your time with other dealerships unless you wish to get a headache and get frustrated. Go to Bell Motors Kenya, you will be pleasantly surprised with your experience.

Definitely ask for any of the above mentioned when you visit!


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