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Some of the Norwegian Fashion Blog s I know are here. All of our favourite Norwegian blogs are written in English for your reading pleasure..



We love Maria’s blog, she shares love of Fashion, takes pretty awesome outfit photos.  She has been featured as Norwegian Elle.


Hanneli Mustaparta is a model, MTV VJ and even has her very own celebrity boyfriend, but she is also a pretty great photographer who travels the world snapping and getting snapped. Her blog is not updated as often as we would like, because her photos are to die for (Rachel Zoe surely can’t go anywhere near her, she’d die every second).

Polkadots & Vodkashots

Maja Casablanca’s blog is not a pure fashion blog, more a photo blog, but the photos are stunning, and most of them are taken by Maja herself. Completely unfazed by celebrity and brands, this blog is just really really beautiful.


Marianne likes a good photo and a good editorial as much as we do, plus she has a place in her heart for music. Major source of inspiration, and we love her rock chic style too.

The Streethearts

Norway’s very own street style snappers, most of the stylesightings take place in Oslo, but the two boys behind this blog, Andreas and Eirik, also travel to London, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and the centre of the universe, Ålesund… Who knew there were so many stylish people in Norway? I never seem to see these people…

Now Following blogs from Norway: If you notice, you will see there is just one blog which is clearly defined as a fashion blog. But all these blogs are more than just fashion blogs.
This wildcat is concerned about our environment, what we do with our garbage, and how we can take care of our world.
And we need more women like you!
What can I say? This is a very, very, special woman. And strong as hell!
Fighting for what she think is the right thing to do, and to live for.
Health is an important matter for this lady.
This is a beautiful blog, with so many beautiful pictures. And I know I am not the only one which adore her blog.
She is an up and coming Star.
Just wait and see! 😉
She writes. And she writes. Small pieces of text that get me wonder. If she have stared trough some windows, again.
Or perhaps, just have lived a bit more.
You just have to read her words.
By evolving her blog since 2007, Frøken Makeløs have been one of the most loved bloggers,
just because she says what she means. I hope she will continue doing this.
Drawing stories, extremely funny and to the point!
Hanne! You have to come back soon!
Our world need your sence of humor.
Thank you for your webpage!
This blog bring up a lot of questions about our world, political and estetic ways of life.
Behind this blog are 13 women and some guest writers, which wanted an arena to publish their ideas about our community,
about the freedom to chose for men and women.
The only fashion blogger on my list. But she is not just a fashion blogger.
She is a pure inspiration. And that’s it.
Just think about it. She shows you a special way to do things a bit different. Just a little bit different.
And that is all it takes!
This woman, you will probably hate her, or, you will love her! 🙂
She have created her own media communications business, and her blog are standing out as a fresh, inspiring blog.
And yes, I will say, she is one of the top ten bloggers in Norway.
Just because she have been fighting for living her life her own way.
And here in Norway, that is well done.
Inspiring, lovely, and pointing what is really important in life.
This girl inspire in everything she do.
I will keep reading this blog.

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