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Throughout our life, we do communicate

Throughout our life, we do have good time

Throughout our life, we do commit ourselves to different jobs

Throughout our life, we do fight in spite of the damages it generates

Throughout our life, we do make decoration

Whatever the extent to which, the way and the reason why we do so,

Each of us is an actor like in a movie.

But a movie has a title and specific time.


We are actors. (Pause)

What is the title of our movie?

Think about it.

What role do we daily, weekly, monthly, yearly take?

How do we perform it?

Think about it.

What role have we been attributed since our birth?

This is the mystery of life.


Without communication, entertainment, work, fought, decoration

We would not have played our movie for ages

We would not have planned to include this great event (…any: “writer’s competition”) in it

Because they are common, deeply rooted as well, in each and every culture;

Either over our region, our continent or all over the world.



You may ignore it. (Pause)

Whether you like it or not you do act.

Unable to say whether our movie is good or bad,

There will always be one and only one spectator.


Although we have different culture tips

They have brought us together, forever to make the biggest movie.

We will never know its end,

But together we will live.

                                                                         Written by:                                   NIBARUTA Ndero

An Article for the PickyView Writers Competition.

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